About the school center

Walther-Groz-Schule is a vocational school located in Albstadt, Baden-Württemberg, in the south of Germany. Currently, 120 teachers are teaching approximately 1,300 students. The school offers young motivated students a total of 21 educational routes. Our full-time education programs lead to certificates ranging from basic preparation for the world of work and GCSE equivalents to high school diplomas permitting entrance to university (Abitur). As an educational partner of the German Dual System of Vocational Education we also offer job-related education. Additionally, we provide part-time further education programs for professionals leading to state-certified management degrees. Most of the students attend our college of further education leading to the Abitur, our vocational college, or our vocational school as part of the German Dual System of Vocational Education. As the different educational programs do not only lead to a variety of certificates but also facilitate specialization in economics, science, home economics or social education, our students can make the perfect choice based on capability and personal interest.

The school is spread across two connected buildings. Our equipment promotes state-of-the-art teaching in every respect. In order to secure this, our IT infrastructure – that is high-performance broadband internet connection, a highly efficient pedagogic network with blanket wi-fi coverage, as well as online learning and information platforms for students and teachers – is maintained consequently. The local district, called Zollernalbkreis, operates the school.

Walther-Groz-Schule is led by principal Hans-Jörg Fink and deputy principal Stefan Maier. The board of management is completed by the heads of the four departments, representing the four main areas of education: Mr Bernd Butz (Department I, basic preparation for the world of work and GCSE equivalents), Ms Isolde Wutzke (Department II, vocational college), Mr Uwe Rütschle (Department III, secondary education, Abitur), and Mr. Jürgen Hörr (Department IV, vocational school and part-time further education).

The city of Albstadt is characterized by a well-balanced mixture of competitive economic structure, diverse educational and childcare institutions as well as appropriate medical facilities. It represents the heart of our characteristic landscape of the Swabian Alb.